About the Author & Illustrator

Stephanie RobertsStephanie Roberts, Author

A native of San Luis Obispo county, Stephanie Roberts lives in Tempeton, CA with her large blended family of five   kids; Baily, Austin, Emma, Holly and Hayden and loving and supportive husband Josh. Stephanie is active in the community and a former Early Education teacher and Administrator who decided to pursue her passion for writing through the creation of a series of fun-to read manners focused books. A first of the series, “Pirates Don’t Say Please” was born out of her passion to not just tell kids to have manners but to teach them to want good manners. It is her hope that you enjoy this book for years to come and the lessons will stay with young readers long after they loose their sash and sword.

Professional Affiliations: ACSI, AWBC, Maskot Books, Inc., Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Follett Library Resources, American Wholesale Book Company, Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, International Reading Association

Amy McKay, Illustrator

From her backyard studio on California’s beautiful central coast, Amy expresses her creative drive through painting, graphic design, and jewelry making in addition to her day job as a landscape designer. In this, her first foray into children’s illustration, Amy brings author Stephanie Roberts’ vision to life in a series of whimsical watercolors that any parent will relate to.

Amy’s own crafty and tirelessly industrious children Ian and Maggie provided her with constant companionship, amusement and inspiration as the story of Patch took form.


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